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The links on the left side will bring you to speeches delivered at the plenary sessions, and to the individual workshop summaries and case studies from regular workshops, creative workshops and the Students' Forum. Please click on the name of a workshop to access its brief summary and the case studies presented. You can read the documents on-line or download them for off-line reading at your leisure.
In some instances however conference documents were not delivered to the Conference Secretariat, so we ask for your patience in this regard. Should you wish to have information about a particular part of the conference, for which there is no hyperlink or documents available for download, please contact the TI-Secretariat in Berlin for contacts to workshop leaders or to relevant experts.

Conference organisers do not bear any responsibility for the content of Conference documents, including factual or grammatical aspects of these papers. The content and claims of all papers are those of their authors and not the Conference organisers.

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