10th IACC Organising Committee

  • Marie Bohata, Chair, Czech Statistical Institute
  • Michal Burian, Executive Director, Transparency International Czech Republic
  • Brady Clough, PR Consultant, Knight & Svoboda
  • Jana Dvorakova, Auditor, IPB Insurance Company
  • Pavol Fric, Professor, Institute of Sociology, Charles University
  • Michal Mazel, Head of the Department of Analysis, Ministry of Interior
  • Vaclav Perich, Vice President, Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic
  • Quentin Reed, Journalist, Economist Intelligence Unit
  • Pavel Samal, Chair of the Senate of the Supreme Court
  • Jiri Volf, Deputy Minister of Finance
  • Petr Zahradnik, Financial Analyst, Conseq Finance
Organisers & Partners