The programme accompanying the 10th IACC

Art is, without a doubt, one of the best societal mediators of difficult messages - it has always created a bridge between the comprehension and the expression of critical problems in society. Transparency International Czech Republic presented Art against Corruption on 5-12 October, an exhibition under the auspices of the Lord Mayor of Prague, Jan Kasl. International and Czech artists displayed works inspired by the theme of corruption in Prague´s Wenceslas Square. 'Art against Corruption' was the largest ever collection of art assembled on an anti-corruption theme and included a visual art exhibit, photography and literature competitions, a retrospective of Czech and international documentaries, an exhibit on the evolution of corruption in the Czech media, and theatre performances set up in collaboration with the well-known theatre group 'IGDYZ'.


The 'Art against corruption' programme was composed of the following parts:

  • Video documents retrospective

    An international and Czech review of video documentaries and commercials dealing with the issues surrounding corruption took place in the mobile tent on Wenceslas Square and in the Congress Centre. The materials (from the Czech Republic, Lebanon, Nepal, Poland, Zimbabwe, India, Hong Kong etc.) were collected by TI-Czech Republic.

  • Theatre programme

    In co-operation with a number of prestigious Czech theatre groups, an interesting pantomime and non-verbal theatre programme was created. Short theatre performances were shown on the open-air stage in front of the exhibition hall in the bottom half of Wenceslas Square.


  • Visual art

    • Transparency International Czech Republic has managed to bring together a good collection of posters and postcards with anti-corruption themes. Among the interesting works, you can see also those provided by Indonesia, Slovakia, Kambodia, Kenya, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Paraguay, Cameroon, etc.
    • Political cartoons have always been a very good medium for showing the problems and difficulties faced by different societies. To help in the fight against corruption, works by well-known Czech cartoonists and political satirists (Reisenauer, Jiranek, Rencin), which centre around corruption-related issues, were exhibited in the mobile tent and in the Congress Centre.
    • An exhibit entitled 'The historical evolution of corruption in the Czech media', organised in co-operation with the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University was based on research carried out on Czech newspapers and magazines from the 20th century (particularly the 1920s and 1930s).


  • Literature competition

    A literature competition also formed a part of the accompanying programme 'Art against Corruption'. The participants had to express their opinions on three topics (the problem of corruption in the Czech Republic or corruption in sport, or to create a handbook on how to become a successful briber) in a short essay (1,000 words maximum). The best works were presented in the mobile tent on Wenceslas Square. The winners of the competition were awarded a prize by Lord Mayor of Prague, Jan Kasl, during a special ceremony held in the Municipal House. The partners of the literature competition were the magazine Reflex, Lidove noviny and Literarni noviny.

  • Photography competition

    A photography competition, announced in collaboration with Czech art schools, was targeted at students of photography - in Prague (the Departments of Photography at VSUP and FAMU), in Zlin (The Department of Commercial Photography at Tomas Bata University,) in Opava (Slezska university - The Institute of Creative Photography) and in Usti nad Labem (J.E. Purkyne University). The submitted photographs have a strong social message related to the problem of corruption. The best works were chosen by a jury of experts, composed of members of The Photographers' Association and Transparency International. The winners of the competition were awarded a prize by Lord Mayor of Prague, Jan Kasl, during a special ceremony held in the Municipal House. The partner of the photography competition was the company Foto-World s.r.o. - Kodak.


    We would like to thank all the organizations, partners and private persons for sending us their art works, contacts and for helping us with the preparation of the exhibition 'Art against Corruption'.

Art Programme